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IRIS has a network of trusted partners that can provide risk management support across the world and in local language where appropriate. To apply to join our partner network, please Contact Us.


Sector: Aerospace, Defence, Security and Space
Region: UK

ADS is the Premier Trade Organisation for companies in the UK Aerospace, Defence, Security and Space Sectors. Membership is made up of over 1000 UK registered businesses. Organisation has been accredited for the ISO9001:2015 Standard and Cyber Essentials Plus.
ADS activities are focused around the following key areas: influencing the policy debates of most importance to the industries, supporting UK manufacturing and industries’ supply chains, encouraging investments in technology and innovation, supporting business development opportunities, increasing Member value through a range of services, enhancing the profile of the industries.

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Sector: All
Region: Global

Founded in 1984, Palisade Corporation has been the leader in the decision analysis software industry. Since the introduction of PRISM, the first Monte Carlo simulation package for the PC, Palisade has refined and expanded the software tools available to executives and academics in the area of risk and decision analysis.

Palisade’s decision analysis software includes the DecisionTools® Suite: @RISK, TopRank®, PrecisionTree®, BestFit®, and RISKview™. These programs analyse risk, run Monte Carlo simulations, perform sensitivity analyses, create decision trees and influence diagrams, fit data to distributions, and solve optimisation problems.

Palisade and IRIS Intelligence work closely together. The @Risk Developers Kit is fully embedded within the IRIS Expert Edition software product, combining leading edge quantitative risk assessment with a user friendly intuitive application based on practical management of risk “at the coal face”

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20.20 BIS

Sector: All
Region: LATAM

 20.20 Business Integrated Solutions is an international business consulting and training company based in Brazil.

Company offers business integrated solutions designed and implemented in partnership with numerous clients to deliver maximum value. Based on extensive experience 20.20 BIS works with clients to enhance the most important business capability today: The ability to execute business strategy.

 Company designs, builds and implements solutions within the following areas:

 Risk Management – supported by IRIS Risk Management software.

  1. Competence Development- on individual and team levels including competency assessments.

  2. Business Process Improvement- optimisation and elimination of process variation.

  3. Transformation of business operations- development and delivery of business strategy.

  4. Benchmarking- determining customers’ level of ability to execute projects relative to the strength of competitors.

20.20 BIS is a strategic partner of IRIS Intelligence in LATAM. Company includes IRIS Risk Management software in all its risk management consulting engagements.

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Sector: All
Region: USA (West)

The Rocky Peak Leadership Center is located in the scenic hills outside Los Angeles, CA.  The center’s main office in Chatsworth is an open retreat that backdrops the rocks of the Stoney Point Outcroppings. Founded in 2010, the Rocky Peak Leadership Center has a wealth of experience in assisting individual and organizations in implementing new thinking methods.

Specialising in organizational challenges and problems with solution based performance expectations the Rocky Peak Leadership Center translates world-class expertise in the development and customized solutions for clients. To accomplish this company partners with other consultants and organizations that specialize in specific skill sets and expertise. IRIS Intelligence provides help and assistance with risk management software, consulting and training.

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Sector:  Aerospace, Defence, Education, Energy
Region: USA

Cogent Resources is a Veteran-Owned Small Business with significant experience in management consulting and corporate training in aerospace and defense, small manufacturing and production companies, and university clients.  Cogent Resources significant experience in business capture and proposal management has allowed its clients to average 100% additional sales growth over the last 12 months.

Cogent Resources is a current provider of on-site and remote, small (1-10 student) and large-scale (30+ students) tailored training programs for small business and corporate-sponsored management programs.  Company also provides Tailored Consulting and Group, Team, and One-on-One mentoring training for clients, independent audit function for AS9100 and ISO9000 standards, and maturity assessments for risk and project management practices. Cogent Resources partners with IRIS Intelligence, a global leader in risk management and analysis consultancy, to provides clients with access to world-class risk management tools, resources, and consulting services to meet our clients’ needs.


Sector:  All
Region: Middle East

Project Management Engineering Systems, is a consulting engineering & training firm, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  Founded in 1993, PROMIS specialises in providing professional quality Training & Development programs throughout the GCC countries, Middle East as well as Australia, Malaysia, and the UK.  PROMIS conducts in-house courses, tailor-made, and intensive short-term public courses for Managers, Engineers, Technical and Non-Technical professionals.

PROMIS strives to merit a reputation for being a distinct leader and innovator in the field of Project Management through careful strategic planning and the use of highly qualified personnel. PROMIS is proud to offer practitioners with a range of skills and experience, people who share a keen interest in innovation problem solving and creative management approaches.  The company motto, “A Promise Made Is A Promise Delivered, Guaranteed” is backed by the promise to achieve their clients’ objectives and requirements.

PROMIS are a strategic partner of IRIS Intelligence in the Gulf region and use the IRIS software to support their risk management training and development needs

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Sector: Aerospace / Defence / Public Sector
Region: North America

Tecolote Research, Inc. is a leading provider of financial management and analysis to the US Government. Excellent customer service means that repeat clients represent 85 percent of Tecolote’s business, and it maintains longstanding support relationships with organizations throughout the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and other Federal Government Agencies.

Since its founding in 1973, Tecolote has built a consistent record of success on the principles of technical excellence, independence, and integrity. It delivers reliable quantitative solutions that provide clients with a defensible understanding of the costs to execute their mission; real-world insight into the risks associated with their approach; and, most importantly, an ability to support decision makers in an environment of constantly changing budgets and priorities.

Tecolote recommend the IRIS Intelligence software, highlighting our unique approach in combining qualitative and quantitative risk management techniques together with key management information such as Waterfall Charts. They have been members of our Consulting Partner Program (CPP) since its inception.

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