IRIS invited to UN Procurement Forum

IRIS Intelligence was invited by the United Nations to join the EU Procurement Forum in New York on the 20th -22nd of April 2015. The EUPF is held annually in New York City with only a handful of the companies from the European Union invited to attend. IRIS Intelligence is pleased to have been selected to participate in the event and to meet and network with a number of organizations under the UN umbrella who had identified a need for risk management software and services.

The EUPF is supported by the UN-Procurement Division & the International Chamber of Commerce.  Theme specific workshops focused on the individual industries and topics with government representatives in attendance as well as around 56 UN officials representing UNHCR, UNOPS, UNIDO, UN WOMEN, UNFPA, UNRWA, IADB, UNDP and UN/PD.

The EUPF provided a chance for IRIS Intelligence to learn about the needs and requirements of all of these UN organizations in a single setting via one-to-one meetings as well as secure listing as an approved supplier on the central procurement portal

We look forward to continuing to work with the UN partners in the future and assist them in setting up the best practice risk management processes in their organizations and major programs.

To learn more about the EUPF, please follow the link:  For further information about the IRIS software, contact us at