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On-site and Online Training for Varying Levels

IRIS can provide training in the form of “off the shelf” training courses or tailored courses designed according to the specific customer needs.

Our team of specialist trainers has unrivalled expertise in the roll out of risk management training to client organizations of all sizes. Each of our trainers is certified by the PMI, APMG, OGC or other relevant professional organization.

Some of our most popular courses are set out below. However, IRIS prides itself on its flexible approach to client training and elements of each course can be combined or integrated into a tailored solution. We shall be pleased to discuss your risk management needs and produce a customized course accordingly.


Introduction to Risk Management (1 Day)

This introductory course is designed for project management professionals who wish to integrate robust risk management techniques into the projects and programs they are managing. It incorporates an overview of the key elements in the risk management process: Risk Identification, Evaluation & Planning, Control, Management Reporting and the Organizational Requirements for Effective Risk Management.

Risk Management Excellence (2 days)

Risk Management Excellence builds on the key themes set out in the Introduction to Risk Management. At the end of this course, participants will be equipped with an extended range of techniques to enable them to identify more of the risks that they face. The course will also move beyond basic assessments of the probability and impact of each risk to explain how the total risk exposure of the project / organization can be quantified. Using these quantification methods, participants will be able to identify those risk mitigating actions that have the greatest impact on risk exposure and hence be able to prioritize their activity based on the actions that generate the most “bang per buck”.

Generating Value Through Effective Risk Management (2 days)

This two day course provides attendees with the ability to focus on the most critical area for effective risk management – embedding a sound culture throughout the organization / project. Following this course, project managers will be equipped with techniques to ensure top-down buy-in from Executive Committee members along with simple, effective data collection techniques that enable widespread buy-in from project resources.

Competency or Industry Focused Risk Management Schools (1-3 days)

These courses build on the Introduction to Risk Management Course or the Risk Management Excellence course, incorporating specific issues into a flexed method for managing risk. Current courses include:

  • Managing Risks in Major Projects
  • Managing Risks for Finance Professionals
  • Managing Risks in Small Businesses
  • Public Sector
  • Construction
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Oil & Gas

Risk Management Expert User (4.5 days)

This course combines Risk Management Excellence with user training in our leading risk management software tool. IRIS not only automates risk management processes, it helps to embed a strong risk management culture. The tool features the dynamic risk matrices for an instant snapshot of the high priority risks at any level of the organization or project, Monte Carlo analysis for robust quantification of risk exposure and the unique “Risk Reduction Ratio” technology to facilitate budget prioritization. All attendees are provided with a complimentary copy of the IRIS software at the end of the course

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