IRIS attends Offshore North Sea Oil & Gas Seminar

Established in 1974 ONS has more than 40 years of proud history as a non-profit foundation managed by Stavanger City Council, Statoil, Stavanger Forum and the Norwegian Petroleum Society.

In the seventies, ONS was short for Offshore North Sea, as the event was targeted at companies with business in the North Sea basin. However, the oil industry soon started to explore other parts of the Norwegian Continental Shelf. The ONS event grew alongside the industry, more exhibitors and visitors participated and the conference topics became broader. Today ONS attracts more than more than 91 862 visitors and 1 392 exhibitors from all over the world hosting companies from sectors such as renewable energy, oil and gas, construction, technology, deep sea exploration and many other.

IRIS Intelligence attended the ONS 2016 event in Stavanger, Norway and we were pleased to see the keen interest from our partners for safeguarding of operations in North Sea by incorporating comprehensive user friendly risk management systems in business planning and project delivery.

As an innovative company we pride ourselves in staying ahead of the game constantly scouting market for the new opportunities. During the ONS 2016 networking and information sessions we were excited to learn more about the renewable energy market in Norway and across Europe and the future growth in this segment as well as growing potential for risk management and opportunity system and services we can provide to our future customers.

ONS 2016 proved to be a great facilitator of new business opportunities and IRIS Intelligence looks forward to further work with our new business partners and customers in Scandinavia and abroad.

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