IRIS Intelligence attends P4H Conference

IRIS Intelligence attended the P4H Conference in Birmingham at the NEC on the 12th of July 2018.

The Conference directly supports the continued Innovation and Education within the Healthcare procurement sector. In particular the Conference has a strong focus on the new Procurement Framework implemented across the NHS.

At the Conference IRIS’ Executive Director, Mr. Christian Brogger met with a significant number of Stakeholders from across the Healthcare sector and presented how IRIS can:

  • Support Risk Management in rel. to:
    • The Patient pathway – delivering ‘Value for Money’
    • Ensure Compliance Risk is Managed
    • Risk Management of daily Operations
    • Strategic Risk Management
  • Innovate the delivery of Healthcare:
    • Product Innovation
    • Process Innovation

Based on IRIS software, consulting and training services IRIS is a credible partner for all Stakeholders in the Healthcare sector. At IRIS we share the and appreciate the view that the Healthcare sector is a fundamental part of the UK and see it as our duty to work with e.g. the NHS and suppliers to the NHS to continuously improve the sector, ensuring maximum value is delivered to all relevant parties.