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IRIS Intelligence Open Training Courses

IRIS runs regular classroom courses in cities across the US and Europe. Courses are run for between 4 and 12 participants for each session ensuring that all attendees have their individual needs addressed. Set out here are some of the training courses we have running over the next few months.

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Oct 2018

  • 11 Oct: Intro to Risk Management Washington, DC, USA)
  • 16 Oct: Webinar
  • 23-24 Oct: Risk Management Excellence (New York, NY, USA)
  • 30 Oct: Intro to Risk Management (London, England)

Nov 2018

  • 5 Nov: Intro to Risk Management (Washington, DC, USA)
  • 12 Nov: Intro to Risk Management (London, England)
  • 15-16 Nov: Risk Management Excellence (Miami, FL, USA)
  • 26 Nov: Webinar

Dec 2018

  • 3 Dec: Intro to Risk Management (Bath, England)
  • 10-11 Dec: Risk Management Excellence (London, England)
  • 21 Dec: Webinar

Consultancy Sample Engagements

IRIS Intelligence has provided a wide range of bespoke consulting solutions to clients over the years. This section sets out a small example of some of our previous engagements:

  • Secondment of a full time risk manager to the UK passport service to manage the full suite of risks associated with the introduction of biometric passports. The Passport Service considers the introduction of biometric passports to be one of its most important counter-fraud initiatives. The new design and security features, including a biometric chip containing the facial image and biographical data of the holder, will render the document more secure against forgery while facilitating more robust border controls.
  • Provided organization-wide guidance, for a major rail operator, on risk management and introduced the IRIS software tool to manage project risks. Also successful in the development of Monte Carlo statistical analysis methods within the organization to evaluate strategic and project risk exposure.
  • Provided risk management consultancy to a five-nation consortium responsible for the acquisition of armaments for the participating countries’ armed forces (UK, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium). Provided both strategic and project level risk management processes, developed risk management procedures and integrated these into the local project management procedures for a range of programs.
  • Provided consultancy to a military aircraft’s management program; successfully introduced our risk management method and IRIS software into the Project Team. Provided risk management expertise to the project managers across a range of projects and programs from radar and computer upgrades to mid-life fatigue program and missile developments, and to members of the Management Board.
  • Produced an approach for risk management based contingency planning and business continuity for a Government organization, which was accepted as their corporate contingency planning method.
  • Conducted a risk analysis on the testing viability for the mainframe systems’ interfaces that enabled the management team to correct shortfalls in the existing strategy. Developed project management techniques for the phases of an organization’s project, introducing pragmatic PRINCE2, product based project management and MS Project to ensure effective delivery of products.
  • Completed a risk analysis for the development and rollout phases of the project for a major transport organization’s Data Centre and audited their disaster recovery plans.
  • Developed a Risk Management strategy for a Government organization’s major IT program, which was successfully implemented across all the development and testing projects; this was accepted as the corporate method. Provided risk facilitation consultancy to the program to ensure compliance with the standard and to assist project managers understand and develop their risk reduction plans.
  • Used IRIS, the risk management analysis tool, to calculate statistical values for risk exposure based on differing testing approaches enabling the Program Director to support proposals for software testing. The program also enabled the successful migration from legacy systems to new platform and MS Office applications.
  • Provided consultancy to a major parcel carrier on their Data Centre rationalization program migrating 16 countries from their local IT environment to a centralized IT environment. Successfully integrated our risk and issue management method into the Quality System.

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