Risk Coaching

1-2-1 assistance for key risk challenges

IRIS provides tailored support to risk practitioners of all levels through online and on-site coaching. Risk coaching programs are tailored specifically to the individual, their knowledge, experience and ambitions and is focused on achieving a number of specific objectives for both the individual and the company.

The IRIS team focus on embedding effective risk management techniques 24/7, 365.  We assist companies, charities and government agencies from every industry across the globe.  These organizations vary in size from large multi-national corporations working across borders to micro-enterprises just beginning their risk management journey.

This breadth of experience specializing in the practical management of risks day to day gives the IRIS coaching team an unparalleled ability to draw on the most effective techniques that can be used in different situations.

IRIS coaching sessions can be delivered as a one-off or a series of support meetings every few weeks or months.

Typically they will involve gaining an understanding of the risk management challenges in a customer environment and communicating a variety of techniques that have succeeded elsewhere. Some of the questions that may be answered in these sessions are:

  • Are we capturing risks effectively?

  • How should we prioritize our risk management / mitigation activity?

  • Am I using the most appropriate risk assessment techniques?

  • How do we embed risk in our culture?

The pace of change in organizations continues to increase.  Our risk coaching allows a flexible approach to be taken in a one-to-one environment and can therefore be more reactive to specific needs than a traditional training program.  It is also possible to apply risk coaching in ‘live’ environments rather than the more theoretical nature of a classroom environment.

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