National Building Association selects IRIS for HQ Delivery

2020BIS, the IRIS Intelligence Partner in Brasil, has successfully engaged the national building association SINDUSCON to provide Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Consulting and Software services. The main focus is on ensuring the successful delivery of the new SINDUSCON headquarter in Curitiba, Parana, Brazil. 2020BIS is an integral part of the team delivering the new building and on a weekly basis facilitates risk management workshops across all stakeholders. A core part of the 2020BIS involvement in the project is the implementation of the IRIS Intelligence ERM software solution at SINDUSCON – an activity supported by the Technical Director of SINDUSCON.

The value of ERM has immediately been recognised by the team delivering the new building (high rise) – and for the next 18 months 2020BIS will support the project, using IRIS ERM software. SINDUSCON-PARANA was founded on the 6th of June, 1944 and was established as the first Union of the Construction Industry in Brazil. Over the past 6 decades SINDUSCON has promoted the Construction Industry and also focused on quality of life of the Associates, employment and social inclusion. In the state of Parana, SINDUSCON as a membership driven association represent 4000+ organisations/businesses in the Construction Industry. Together with the Brasilian Chamber of the Construction Industry (CBIS), SINDUSCON also promotes appropriate policies for housing, infrastructure works and sanitation.

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